This is all new to me! Don't know how well I will be able to keep it up, but I am going to give it a try!
A special thanks to JK for making me this awesome banner! You're the best!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Decided to take a stab

And try my hand in making Mitchell from Being Human, he's not perfect but only had so much to work with. I might still do some tweaking so comments are appreciated. then I might upload him.

And a pic of the real deal

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Hey! Been awhile

The week of Mother's Day and the following week were very busy. First I had my parents visiting, then I worked snd had something every evening! When I finally got to sit down and go into my game, it was crashing! It worked fine that morning but didn't work that evening. All Friday night I deleted cc and tried to figure the problem. The next day it continued. I finally decided to do a reinstall, my first one since I had the game. I loaded up the base game, tried it out...and it crashed! By this time I was panicking and ready to give up on the sims. Finally later that evening my husband showed me what he did the afternoon before, he messed with the DEP setings. He had no idea that it would affect the game so didn't bother to mention it to me, needless to say I wanted to kill him! Took me the rest of Sat. night to reinstall my game. I am finally catching up on all my comps etc. Thank goodness for an extended weekend due to Memorial Day :). I actually played for fun today for about an hour (it has been a month). I forgot that my sim was pregnant. Hopefully I will catch up posting comp pics and nonsense soon!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Thank you Kami

My cyber daughter made this for me for Mother's Day, my eyes teared up. It was so sweet of you Kami! I love it and it made my day!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

T-shirt and posters arrived!

I won the random drawing to the EA t-shirt giveaway posted by simguruhydra. It came in the mail yesterday. The posters were like the ones you would see in the store to advertise the game. I got an original sims3 base game one, a night life one, and 2 ambitions (they were different). the t-shirt is cute, it is yellow my favorite color so I will be wearing it! :). If and when I take pics I will post them. :)

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Happy Days!!!

I had a great day yesterday! First off, the day before I got some checks in the mail from my aunt and uncle. They had won the powerball lottery back in January. I wasn't really expecting anything tbh so it was a real blessing. They gave only what they could b/f taxes would be taken. They each gave my husband and I $13,000 which came to a grand total of $52, 000! Not bad when you thought you weren't getting anything!
Second, we have been looking for a car for my son. We wanted something that wouldn't require collision but reliable. After many hours and days of searching, taking time to go see the cars and disappointments, we finally got one! It was just perfect! We got him a 1999 Nissan Maxima GXE. It has a 130,000 miles and it is in excellant condition. She was the original owner. Best of all we got a great price, $3300 about $700 under blue book value.
I felt like I was walking on clouds yesterday! I am blessed :)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Faery Folk assignmet 10

This pic took me awhile , but it paid off! I won the round and made it to the finals. I was worried about their poses, but wanted her standing in front of him so I could make the wings look combined. Guess I could have had his head tilting in towards her. This was actually my second picture I did, gave up on the other though it was complete. This is the first one.

Monday, April 4, 2011


It was a close call! I really enjoyed doing this comp! I will miss it but I will be judging cycle 4. My finale partner, Mojo kept me on my toes, she did a super job! I look forward to see what everyone comes up with in cycle 4, thanks Beech for having me!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Dark Shadowz finale

Human blood! So reviving! Courtney closed her eyes as she felt her body come to life, so to speak….an energy she hadn’t felt in awhile. Her eyes opened to see the dead doctor lying in a pool of blood on the floor. What had she done! No matter how good the outcome feels, the price is not worth it. There was no way of hiding what she had done. He was only trying to help her. Maybe he was right, becoming human might have been the right choice, but now it was too late….or was it? Courtney crouched over the doctor’s body and removed his name tag. It was late and the hospital was like a ghost town. Courtney found a directory and located the doctor’s office and proceeded in that direction. She had a mission. She entered the quiet and neat office of the doctor, “It has to be here somewhere”, Courtney thought. At first she started to go through the office neatly and carefully but soon frustration took over when she couldn’t find what she was looking for. She was filled with furry and then she froze, there it was or what she thought it was, what else could it be? Without giving it a second thought, Courtney took the container and drank it. At first she felt nothing and was discouraged thinking it didn’t work and that the doctor was nuts. Her head started to throb and an excruciating cramp in her stomach over took her. Something was happening and it was painful, it took all Courtney had not to scream out in pain. What was minutes seemed like an eternity to Courtney. Her body was becoming warm but something wasn’t right, she could sense it and then it stopped. She felt different, but not human, could this be right? She glanced over and saw her reflection in the doctor’s medicine cabinet and she let out a horrific scream! A knock on the doctor’s door startled Courtney! In desperation to escape she jumped out the window. How did she land on her feet when she was 7 stories up? What has she become, a monster? Courtney started to run and run, not knowing where she was going. Courtney was crossing over the Bridgeport Bridge when she stopped to catch her breath, realizing that she was actually out of breath. Then she felt something foreign to her or actually something she hasn’t felt in hundreds of years….her heartbeat. She was alive, only not human. A smile actually adorned Courtney’s distorted face. If she is alive then she could die…couldn’t she? Courtney sat on the ledge of the bridge and stared into the distance, it wouldn’t be long until sunrise she thought. And at that moment she threw herself back off the bridge into the air plunging down into the rocky waters below. “I will finally be free”, were Courtney’s last words.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Take a Pic, semi-finals

The word god is for me nothing more than the expression and product of human weaknesses" Einstein

Courtney saw a bit of what hell might be like when she traveled into the future. She became obsessed with prayer in hopes of gaining entrance to heaven. She had a hard time functioning in real life, focussing on whether her actions were going to condemn her.

"Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil...."

Unfortunately it was a little too late......

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dark Shadowz assignment 9-The cure

For this assigment our models had to be given the opportunity to take a cure from a little old man

A new beginning. Courtney decided to start fresh with her new ability to walk in daylight. She vowed to no longer hunt humans and look for other sources of blood. She started to make random visits to blood banks in the middle of the night. It took her awhile to get used to the stale blood. But something was still missing, she wanted more. Courtney reevaluated her life and decided that she did enough harm and wanted to make up for some of it by giving back. She decided to go back to school and become a nurse. She had a double motive; she could help others and be close to blood. Hospital blood would be a lot fresher.
Courtney went to school for a year and got her LPN. She got a job in a hospital and continued to go to school to get her RN license. She enjoyed her job and all its perks. She made some friends in convenient places in the hospital, one in the morgue and another where the blood supply was kept. Of course these “friends” were paid in several different ways. Sometimes Courtney did them favors and other times she paid in cash, money was easy to come by for Courtney.
Courtney is not quite sure when she started noticing, but there seemed to always be a strange little man lurking wherever she was, could he be following her? He seemed as though he worked there, a doctor or something, maybe it was just coincidence.
One evening, Courtney was in for a treat. A patient had passed away and she was to clean up the room where the patient was staying. It was a treat because the deceased patient was receiving blood intravenously and there was plenty left in the bag, they just throw it out anyway. Courtney was enjoying her little snack when she heard a noise behind her. She quickly turned to find the strange little man behind her. He started stuttering as he was trying to speak quickly, explaining what he was doing behind her. Courtney tries to understand his gibberish. Something about her not having to live like the creature she is………no longer feeding off blood…….hiding the truth from others……….he knew what she was……..he had a cure….to be human again……. . His heartbeat is strong and Courtney could hardly focus on his words any longer. To be human again…..was more than Courtney could handle! How could she possibly go back?! Those were the strange little man’s last words and the end of Courtney’s human free diet. Who was she kidding? The past couple of years trying to fit in and be helpful were the most boring in her over 200 year old life.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Now this is what I would call a glitch!

Now I have seen everything! Thanks to glitchy pants created by EA. Where the hell the tatto came from, I don't know.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Out of sorts

Is exactly how I am feeling lately! Just not myself! real life has been getting me lately, more down than up. There is just so much going on. This comes at a bad time, since I have never been so involved in so many sim projects, between comps, judging and being part of a magazine.
I have been back for a few weeks now from visiting my parents with one of my sisters. It was a bitter sweet visit. I was happy to see my parents and other siblings that live in NC. But was upset with seeing my sister and her "problem" up close really hurt me. She is not only my sister but my best Friend and I love her so much. She has had many misfortunes in her life and has struggled with her children and husband. She started drinking occasionally in the evenings to help her sleep.....over the years it has gotten worse. If she call after 10, I don't answer my phone, she never remembers half of our conversations anyway. While we were away, I saw how much she drank! And how it changed who she was and how she couldn't help it. I could also see in my father's eyes how much it broke his heart as well. It was so bad one evening, that the next morning she woke up and she couldn't look into our eyes as she came down the stairs because of the guilt she felt. We did not judge her but loved her instead.
My other sister who lives there also has substance abuse problems, I couldn't enjoy playing cards with my brother and his new wife because of her obnoxious outbreaks.
My older brother just got served with divorce papers and wasn't expecting it.
My younger brother confessed on facebook that he once again has been addicted to some pill (not sure which one it is this time).
And once again my mother's nodule on her lung grew back and another one came with it. She has less than 50% lung capacity and it is too risky for surgery. Last time they removed it with a cyberknife, but that combined with chemo broke her ribs. At over 70 that takes a long time to heal.
To top it off my husband lost one of his jobs. This is not so bad because he is a retired NYPD and gets a pension. But I went from having him home on just Tuesday to having him home on Tues., Wed., Thurs., and Fri. He is totally throwing me off!

I am sorry for ranting, but it is actually making me feel better!

Don't get me wrong, I am thankful for many things (maybe a new list tomorrow), just my emotions are high. If you have time, maybe you could squeeze in a prayer for my family :) . Thanks for listening.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Take a pic assignment 4

This assignment was a little different, not too hard, had to take a pic of an object in the game. It is simple but I like it.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Faerie Folk

This one was inspired by the soing "bed of roses"

This one goes with a poem:

Water washes over my hand
Water slips away like sand

Water trickles down a river
Water slides just like a slither

Water is patient and knows when to wait
Water doesn't mind if it shows up late

Water falls from the sky in tears
Water wipes away wasted years

Water can die and live again
Water can squash and pry and bend

Water has been here in the beginning,
and water will be here until the end

Water is reliable
Water is a humans friend
-Author unknowm

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Been away

I have been away (still not home) and haven't been updating anything. Will be busy catching up when I get home, hopefully I will update soon!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Beauty Modeling assignment 1

I didn't post this earlier because it was a rather easy picture to do and I didn't spend too much time as compared to some others I have done. Well, it tied for first. I actually think that the paintings that I DL from RD's site made the picture what it is! Thanks RD :)
( it was a collaberation)

Link to The art I used:


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Timeless Beauties-90's grunge

Yes, I have had a very busy 4 days trying to catch up on my assignments! I also did some much needed cleaning. I like the way this turned out, but there was a fog going on and it didn't do the pic justice. Should have extended the brick wall as well. But it is what it is! :)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Take a pic assignment 2 -music

I chose Animal by Neon Trees

"Here we go again
We're sick like animals
We play pretend
You're just a cannibal

And I'm afraid I wont get out alive
No I won't sleep tonight"

Dark Shadowz assignment 5

Been awhile, so this is just a pic update. I also finished my faerie Folk pics, but am not too proud of them so they will be left out

I am ALIVE!! At least that is the way I feel. I haven’t had that sensation in over 200 years. Richard, one of the guys I met in the alley way is to be my tutor so to speak for the first couple of weeks I am at the coven. I am to shadow him and learn the coven ways and rules. He introduces me to all the members, but I spend most of my time with him. I try to concentrate on what he is saying, but I am lost in his voice, it is like music to my ears.
There is just something about him that has me all crazy; I find that I am not myself.
When he enters the room, I get goose bumps on my already chilled body, something I would have thought impossible. I have fallen hard for this man who is like me, is it possible? I am afraid of these feelings never mind express them to him!
It is the last day I have to shadow him. I know that I will not spend as much time with him. The words are on my lips but he interrupts me. He says that he has a surprise for me, a kind of “graduation” gift. He says it is a secret and that I am to meet him and the downtown bar at midnight. I did not know at the time that the coven throws a small party for their “graduates”. I had hoped that it was going to be a special evening with just the two of us and that maybe, just maybe he felt the same for me as I for him.
It is midnight and I am almost at my destination. I round the corner and glance through the window as I head towards the door. I stop abruptly and am frozen in my tracks! I see Richard but he is in the arms of another coven member. I see nothing else. All of a sudden I feel sick and my still heart is broken. The sky opens up and it begins to pour as if shedding tears that I could not. I ran back to the house, slammed my door and threw myself onto my bed. It would be days before I would finally emerge.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Dark Shadowz assingment 4-Coven encounter

I used to say that I have had a long day, now it is long years. I have traveled far and to many places, never staying put for too long. I try to stay in remote areas and try not to be noticed. I do not make any attachments. Once in awhile I take the company of a young man, but it never ends well. It has been so long since I belonged, to love or be loved. It has been over 200 years since my turning. As the years went by cities have developed everywhere and the population has increased, places to hide are fewer.
I stroll into a city and the vibes of all the hustle and bustle energizes me. I decide to stay for awhile. The night life of the city suits me well. I am especially drawn to the dive bars; it is easy to find a meal for the night without anyone noticing.
I lure my prey out into the dark alley way, she is unexpecting what is to come. Tonight something is different, I feel as though I am being watched. I smell the air…nothing. I listen for heartbeats…nothing. Yet I can feel something. I am somewhat nervous and leave the dead body and begin to walk out of the alley. I am being followed. I reach the corner and about to turn and make my way down the street, but am met by a man. I turn to go back down the alley only to find that there are others waiting for me. They are like me, creatures of the night. They say nothing but gesture for me to follow. I am not sure if I have a choice, I am outnumbered. I follow; we walk for awhile until we come to a large house secluded down a long driveway. One of them enters a code into the gate and it opens. As I walk into the doorway, I am met by a dozen or more vampires . A gentleman enters the room and I recognize him instantly. It is a bad memory of long ago, of a night that would change my life forever. He approaches me, takes my hand and says, “Welcome home”.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Take a Pic

This is a new comp I entered. We had to portray an emotion in our picture, I chose Despair.

Despair or hopelessness is the loss of hope.

"Despair is the damp of hell, as joy is the serenity of heaven”-John Donne

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dark shadowz assignment 3-Ability immerges

Having really nowhere to go, Courtney joined up with some traveling gypsies. They sensed what she was but didn’t mind as long as she fed elsewhere, they had secrets of their own. It was company to say the least. Except for this one guy who seemed to take a liking to Courtney (we will call him Sebastian). It wouldn’t have been so bad but this guy was not desirable. He was big in the belly and very dirty. His filthy hygiene covered up the smell of his sweet blood, Courtney couldn’t stand being in his presence which was very difficult. Sebastian seemed to find Courtney wherever she was. He even followed her out on occasion when she had to feed, he was fascinated with her.
On one particular evening something strange happened. Courtney was relaxing by the fire in the camp. She was staring into the flames watching them dance, she was mesmerized. Out of the corner of her eye, she caught Sebastian heading in her direction. As he approached, Courtney imagined the flames jumping out of the fire and onto Sebastian. Screams woke Courtney from her trance; she looked up and saw Sebastian in flames. Courtney slowly got up and walked away from the fire, oops!
She packed her things that evening and left the camp.
(Courtney’s power is to be able to manipulate fire.)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Good News

My brother had his surgery today and all went well. The biopsy came out negative! :)He is home and resting.
Thanks to all who said a prayer for him.

two new sims

Madison is a teen born in-game, but I tweeked her a little. She is a pyro and a rocker.


Aaron I made for Samantha. Was going for the doll like look again.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Faerie Folk assignment 6

This was a tough one for me!We had to do a chakra and mine was Muladhara(root)

Muladhara chakra is first. Its name means root support. It symbolizes the beginning of life and the element of earth.

Muladhara, means "root," and the paths of energy in this chakra extend downward like a root through the legs and feet to contact the solid Earth below.

Its color is a deep red, and its symbol is a lotus of four petals within which is a downward-pointing triangle, symbolizing the root energy.

This chakra manifests purity, simplicity, balance and other good qualities. When this chakra is awakened and nourished the associated earth element is a magnetic force within an individual.

It is also the seat of kundalini awakening, which begins its ascent here. Alternatively it is called the seat of the 'red bindu', or subtle drop, which is caused to rise up to the 'white bindu' in the head in order to unite the female and masculine energies of Shakti and Shiva.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Timeless Beauties 80's wedding dress

Well, I like the picture, but am a little disappointed. It isn't really an 80's look to me. I searched for days for a dress, didn't even have to be a wedding one. My heart was set on puffy sleeves, but had no luck. I did what I could. I am hoping it is good enough.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Prayers for my little bro

So I got a scare this morning. A text came in right before I went to work from my brother. He has been spitting up blood. He went to an ENT and they found a lesion by his vocal chords in his throat. There is a possibility that it may be cancerous. He is a smoker (this scares me) He goes for surgery within the next 14 days and we will know for sure. He has three young daughters. He got remarried in October and has 2 stepchildren as well.He has been going through a tough time financially as well. He doesn't live near me and I feel kinda helpless.
Please keep him in your prayers.
Thank You

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mares! You read it wrong!

Quote from Mares "Note the little line ‘because what she [JKAmaryllis] told us is different from what you’re saying."
I was referring to Yaz. She told a totally different story as to why she(Yaz) was "kicked" out of Sim Sanctuary from what Em told. She didn't paint a pretty picture of you Em, not to me anyway.
As far as me being a criminal mastermind, gee I don't know what to say.
First off, I didn't even know that JK talked to Em or that she gave permission to Em about blogging until after the fact. Second, I am not a big fan of blogging about other people's crap, would never have agreeed to that being blogged. The whole reason Em and I had a disagreement in the first place and she kicked me out. Thirdly, I have better things to do with my time! Seriously, I am a mother of 2 teenagers.
Paint what ever picture you want of me, believe me I am not going to bed crying at night. You don't even know me. You take bits and pieces and make up stories to suite you and Em is a Mare's mini me so it kinda fits. If she wasn't trying to be like Mares she would have never posted that in haste, instead thought about it and got the facts straight and who knows what they are! I think part of Em believed it and that is why she posted it, until things didn't go in her favor, then she sang different tune.
I have 2 friends that battled cancer and my mother. You are not in the mood to eat and you don't get drunk a few days later...in fact alcohol is a no no. There are many things that were said that were contradictions, so questions were raised. I asked questions, I talked about it and that is the part I played.
I back JK 100%, there were reasons for her trying to find things out and that is all she was doing. So now she is the bad guy, lol. she is one of the sweetest people I know. In fact, I often thought of her being too sweet and not having enough backbone. She did not lie about anything! She was sharing her thoughts! Trying to find answers. I see it as Em thinking she had a hot story and couldn't wait to get it on the press. Yes Em did apologize but she heavily leaned on JK as being the true blame of it all. Not true.
This should of never have happened! But emotions get the best of us sometimes unfortunately.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Dark Sadowz-assignment 2

First blood

I started walking, not really sure where I was going. All I knew was that I had to get out of the seaside town. I stayed along the shore but soon realized the hard way that there wasn’t much cover from the burning rays of the sun in the day. It was a close call. After that I made my way inland towards the forest. At first I stayed on the roads, walking aimlessly. My blood burned. Days go by, I find shelter in the forest during the day, I do not sleep. One evening a carriage comes down the road and stops. They ask if I need assistance, I cannot look at them and I keep walking. There is a sweet smell in the air. A gentleman emerges from the wagon and asks me my name as he approaches me. What is that thumping sound? My blood burns. I am afraid and run into the forest, deeper and deeper. There is no longer a road that I follow. There is no sense of time. The pains in my stomach are unbearable. What have I done? A creature stirs in the forest and catches my interest. Maybe a way out of the inevitable I think to myself. I hunt the rabbit and to my surprise capture it quite easily. The smell of its blood is retched and I throw it back to the forest. I am in pain. My blood burns.
Days, weeks, I don’t even know. A small path emerges in the forest, I follow it. I hear laughing and music in the distance. I catch a whiff of a sweet smelling aroma. I head towards it. In the clearing I come across a Tavern, inside full of people. At first I thought my heart was beating, but realized it was not my own. Perhaps some nice raw meat will kill my pain. I enter the Tavern and look around. My eyes meet the eyes of a gentleman enjoying a drink and meal. At first we were frozen a moment in time in each other’s gaze. Then without thought, I lunged at him with a force and strength I didn’t recognize. Screaming there was screaming everywhere. The noise pierced my ears. Everything happened so quickly. Then the screaming stopped and the Tavern was quiet. All were dead. My pain was gone. My blood no longer burned. The Courtney I once knew was gone.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Not a happy camper!

So I made this new sim, different from my norm! And she failed to upload! Her only cc is her hair and makeup and her file isn't that big. In fact I uploaded another sim right after her, bigger file and full of cc, she uploaded! I will try again tomorrow. I am not sure how to upload it to another site like mediafire...may have to work on that!

I uploaded her to mediafire after much attempts
her hair is Newsea(Elisabeth)

Crystal eyes from lemonleaf.

Makeup by tifa


Download sim:


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Dark Shadows' entry!

I didn’t want to go, but my parents insisted there would be great opportunities in the new world and our family would regain the status they once had. I was different from other girls. I kept to myself. I was 21 and still not married or engaged to be married, that was odd for 1772. Not that I didn’t have any pursuers, they just bored me to death, literally. I was odd. My mother worried about me. We lived near the sea, the one good thing about living here that I enjoyed. At twilight I often took walks down by the boats and breathed in the salty water. My mother hated these walks; “No respectable young lady should be walking alone at that hour!” she would complain. Respectable? I would think to myself, what exactly does that mean?
The air was damp and a fog was drifting in from the sea this particular evening. A newly arrived ship from Europe was docked close by. I saw movement; a man emerged from the shadows of the ship. I did not fear him and kept walking in that direction. I recognized what he was, his glowing eyes, I have heard the tall tales of these creatures. I was drawn to him as he descended down the dock. He was standing there before me, staring into my eyes. He started to walk away and I followed. He lead me to this old building, most likely an abandoned home. He lit some candles and started the fire.
I was caught up in the moment, was this a dream? I wanted him. We did not speak; the only sound was the beating of my heart as it pressed against my chest. I did not feel any pain only ecstasy. I wanted what he could give me. The sun rose and I awoke alone. That night I walked away from that seaside town and never returned. I payed a high price for that night of passion…I am eternally dammed!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Before I say I do outtakes!

sometimes I have such a hard time choosing what sshot to use, then what to do with the extras? Here are some of the ones I didn't use and one that was great but they were meshed together to much, shame!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Too far?

I am just going to back away! I do not like confrontations, especially when you can't talk to the person face to face! At first I thought the whole thing was silly, then it got out of hand and I was aggravated! I would just like to drop off the face of the world at this moment. I have never dropped a comp and I have never questioned a judge until now! And I feel like crap! Taking a break and hoping it just dies away! Knowing the forums it won't, I have created a monster! I apologize for any hurt feelings, it was never my intention! I am truly saddened!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Before I say I do entry

It has been days since I last saw Samuel and experienced that awkward moment. I can’t stop thinking about his piercing grey eyes looking at me. I can’t sleep. I get the article done about his band. It is a good and positive article, though it is out of my comfort zone. A couple of more days go by, no word. I guess I was wrong about the look he gave me; maybe it was just one of his methods on wooing women. Since it didn’t work on me, I guess he gave up. I must get him out of my mind.

I get home the night after walking Valerie home. I am too restless. What is it about her that I find so appealing? She is like my polar opposite; we have nothing in common, still? I don’t leave my house for days, I sit by my guitar strumming notes and writing words. It helps to ease my tension, to sort out my feelings. I am having a hard time getting the song right. A couple of days later someone drops off the article that Valerie wrote. Her words are so sweet to me. I am full of emotions…those eyes…I can’t sleep.

I am at the office. Flowers are delivered for some lucky girl, which happens to be me? There is a note, it reads: Valerie, Thank you so much for the nice article you wrote about my band. It is greatly appreciated. We have a gig coming up this weekend and I would really like it if you could come. I have a new song and your opinion would mean so much you me. Hoping to see you soon, Samuel
I decide to go.
I have no idea about these things. What do I wear? How am I supposed to look? I find myself with a bed full of clothes thrown on it. I decide to wear a cute sundress, yes a dress! So not me. And to top it off I am actually going to wear a heel! It gets better, like a robot in motion and without thinking; I put on eye shadow and lipstick! I get out the curling iron and make my hair full and flowing. What am I doing!? What the heck, only live once, right?

My nerves are shot. I have played a thousand gigs, why should this one be any different? Besides she might not even show. We are ready to start our set; we do one song, two songs, finally out of the corner of my eye she walks in. She is beautiful, my knees are weak. It is time for our last song. It is our new song, a ballad. The moment of truth, I begin and sing, never taking my eyes off of her. My heart is pounding.

The place is dark and musty and smells of beer. I order a glass of wine and sit down at a small table in the back. I don’t want to be noticed. His songs are good, I have to admit. I get engrossed in his music and voice and the night flies by. They are up to their last song and the set will be over. What then? The song has a slow melody, I feel his eyes on me and I look up. The song is for me. My heart can’t stop pounding. He is done and walks off the stage and starts in my direction, I rise and walk towards him.

I look into her eyes, say nothing and reach my arms toward her. The smell of her hair sends shivers through my soul. She is mine.

He reaches towards me, I feel his soft embrace. His breath on my neck sends shivers through my soul. He is mine.

here is the links to the first 2 entry for some background:

Part 7 of my Coven is now out.

It is a small update, sorry. But I am now caught up with the game and things will get juicy again..promise!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Ugh that is so how I feel right now! Many blessings on the new year ahead! :)