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Friday, March 25, 2011

Take a Pic, semi-finals

The word god is for me nothing more than the expression and product of human weaknesses" Einstein

Courtney saw a bit of what hell might be like when she traveled into the future. She became obsessed with prayer in hopes of gaining entrance to heaven. She had a hard time functioning in real life, focussing on whether her actions were going to condemn her.

"Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil...."

Unfortunately it was a little too late......

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dark Shadowz assignment 9-The cure

For this assigment our models had to be given the opportunity to take a cure from a little old man

A new beginning. Courtney decided to start fresh with her new ability to walk in daylight. She vowed to no longer hunt humans and look for other sources of blood. She started to make random visits to blood banks in the middle of the night. It took her awhile to get used to the stale blood. But something was still missing, she wanted more. Courtney reevaluated her life and decided that she did enough harm and wanted to make up for some of it by giving back. She decided to go back to school and become a nurse. She had a double motive; she could help others and be close to blood. Hospital blood would be a lot fresher.
Courtney went to school for a year and got her LPN. She got a job in a hospital and continued to go to school to get her RN license. She enjoyed her job and all its perks. She made some friends in convenient places in the hospital, one in the morgue and another where the blood supply was kept. Of course these “friends” were paid in several different ways. Sometimes Courtney did them favors and other times she paid in cash, money was easy to come by for Courtney.
Courtney is not quite sure when she started noticing, but there seemed to always be a strange little man lurking wherever she was, could he be following her? He seemed as though he worked there, a doctor or something, maybe it was just coincidence.
One evening, Courtney was in for a treat. A patient had passed away and she was to clean up the room where the patient was staying. It was a treat because the deceased patient was receiving blood intravenously and there was plenty left in the bag, they just throw it out anyway. Courtney was enjoying her little snack when she heard a noise behind her. She quickly turned to find the strange little man behind her. He started stuttering as he was trying to speak quickly, explaining what he was doing behind her. Courtney tries to understand his gibberish. Something about her not having to live like the creature she is………no longer feeding off blood…….hiding the truth from others……….he knew what she was……..he had a cure….to be human again……. . His heartbeat is strong and Courtney could hardly focus on his words any longer. To be human again…..was more than Courtney could handle! How could she possibly go back?! Those were the strange little man’s last words and the end of Courtney’s human free diet. Who was she kidding? The past couple of years trying to fit in and be helpful were the most boring in her over 200 year old life.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Now this is what I would call a glitch!

Now I have seen everything! Thanks to glitchy pants created by EA. Where the hell the tatto came from, I don't know.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Out of sorts

Is exactly how I am feeling lately! Just not myself! real life has been getting me lately, more down than up. There is just so much going on. This comes at a bad time, since I have never been so involved in so many sim projects, between comps, judging and being part of a magazine.
I have been back for a few weeks now from visiting my parents with one of my sisters. It was a bitter sweet visit. I was happy to see my parents and other siblings that live in NC. But was upset with seeing my sister and her "problem" up close really hurt me. She is not only my sister but my best Friend and I love her so much. She has had many misfortunes in her life and has struggled with her children and husband. She started drinking occasionally in the evenings to help her sleep.....over the years it has gotten worse. If she call after 10, I don't answer my phone, she never remembers half of our conversations anyway. While we were away, I saw how much she drank! And how it changed who she was and how she couldn't help it. I could also see in my father's eyes how much it broke his heart as well. It was so bad one evening, that the next morning she woke up and she couldn't look into our eyes as she came down the stairs because of the guilt she felt. We did not judge her but loved her instead.
My other sister who lives there also has substance abuse problems, I couldn't enjoy playing cards with my brother and his new wife because of her obnoxious outbreaks.
My older brother just got served with divorce papers and wasn't expecting it.
My younger brother confessed on facebook that he once again has been addicted to some pill (not sure which one it is this time).
And once again my mother's nodule on her lung grew back and another one came with it. She has less than 50% lung capacity and it is too risky for surgery. Last time they removed it with a cyberknife, but that combined with chemo broke her ribs. At over 70 that takes a long time to heal.
To top it off my husband lost one of his jobs. This is not so bad because he is a retired NYPD and gets a pension. But I went from having him home on just Tuesday to having him home on Tues., Wed., Thurs., and Fri. He is totally throwing me off!

I am sorry for ranting, but it is actually making me feel better!

Don't get me wrong, I am thankful for many things (maybe a new list tomorrow), just my emotions are high. If you have time, maybe you could squeeze in a prayer for my family :) . Thanks for listening.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Take a pic assignment 4

This assignment was a little different, not too hard, had to take a pic of an object in the game. It is simple but I like it.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Faerie Folk

This one was inspired by the soing "bed of roses"

This one goes with a poem:

Water washes over my hand
Water slips away like sand

Water trickles down a river
Water slides just like a slither

Water is patient and knows when to wait
Water doesn't mind if it shows up late

Water falls from the sky in tears
Water wipes away wasted years

Water can die and live again
Water can squash and pry and bend

Water has been here in the beginning,
and water will be here until the end

Water is reliable
Water is a humans friend
-Author unknowm

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Been away

I have been away (still not home) and haven't been updating anything. Will be busy catching up when I get home, hopefully I will update soon!